Vinyl Powder Free Gloves - Size Small - 1000 Gloves

Vinyl Powder Free Gloves - Size Small - 1000 Gloves

  • $36.95

Powder Free Vinyl Gloves are an ideal choice for applications demanding frequent changes. They have a smooth finish and are ambidextrous.

100 Gloves per Box, 10 Boxes per Case, 1000 Gloves.

Vinyl Powder Free Gloves are Powder Free for people with allergic reactions to powder. Powder Free Vinyl Gloves’ intrinsic softness reduce hand fatigue even for long hours of wearing these. Vinyl powder free gloves are made of Poly Vinyl Chloride, are ESD safe. They have high Chemical Degradation resistance to oils.

- Double layers of PVC/PU films to provide double protection.
- Odor free, results from special formulations.
- Ease in donning due to the excellent slippery inner surface.
- In grip from slightly tacky outer surface.
- Glove Sizes : Small
- Type: Powder Free and non-sterile.
- Material: Polyvinyl Chloride paste resin, Grade: FPC DNV2P.
- Ambidextrous
- WARNING: Proposition 65 - This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.