Safety Eye Protection Anti Fog Anti Scratch fit over most prescription spectacle Impact Goggle

  • $12.95

Excellent Eye Protection: Impact resistant, Large frame with wide angle, fit over most prescription spectacles.

Perfect fit - The soft frame of the goggle ensures a perfect fit for every day uses and a complete seal protect your face from the environment.

Wide field of vision: The panoramic and large frame design of the goggles offers full side vision with wide angle and at the same time protects your eyes against harmful dust and debris from all sides.

Ventilation: Indirect ventilation for protection against dust and liquid splash.

Comfortable: Adjustable elastic head band and the soft frame will gently wrap around your head offer a comfortable fit without causing any pressure points.

Size: One size fits all.

Durable: Made in Taiwan. High Quality

Material:  Lens: Polycarbonate lens
                 Frame: PVC
                 Strap: Nylon
                 TPE molded padding

Finish type: Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch.

Color: Clear

Certification : CE EN166, EN170, ANSI Z87.1

Application: industrial work, healthcare, home improvement, landscaping, woodworking, and more…