ANSI CE Certified Reusable Protective Safety Clear Visor Face Shield with Comprehensive brow guard

  • $7.95

CE Certified Face Shield:  CE EN166, ANSI Z87.1. clear full face transparent visor face shield offers an affordable price and excellent protection.

Reusable Full Face Protection: Our safety reusable face shield protects eyes and face from harmful debris and particles. Reusable after disinfecting.

Comprehensive brow guard: Brow guard offer a sleek, wrap around design make your face shield easy to wear through different activities. Can be worn comfortably with or without safety glasses.

Comfortable: Our face shield’s adjustable elastic strap will gently wrap around your head and provide a comfortable fit for all head sizes without causing any pressure points.

Sanitary: Each face shield is packaged Individually to avoid contamination.

Durable: Made in Taiwan. High Quality

Size: One size fit all.

Dimension : Visor Dimension : 8” x 12” x 1.0mm ( thickness )

Certification : CE EN166, ANSI Z87.1

Visor: Polycarbonate
Brow guard:  Polyethylene
Elastic Strap: Nylon

Clear / Yellow

Factory operations, Transportation, wood works, DIY, Gardening, Construction, Outdoor working, Hospital...etc.

Our clear protective full-face shields made with ultra-clear visor protected by protective film on both sides. Please peeling off both layers of the protective film before use.